4 Easy Ways to Stop the Onset of Motion Sickness

Labelling motion sickness or seasickness as a nuisance doesn't quite do the condition justice. Anyone who tends to experience this nauseating reaction will be aware that seasickness really does have the potential to ruin your entire boat trip, and can also put you off wanting to head out on the water ever again.

Many people assume that motion sickness is simply one of those things that you can't get rid of, but in fact there are several steps you can take to help ease your stomach and allow you to have a fun time on the water. Never allow your susceptibility to fall victim to seasickness put you off hopping aboard a boat. Simply remember the acronym "BOAT", apply the corresponding tips and enjoy your time at sea.

B – Bland Foods

What you have to eat before you clamber aboard a boat can have a significant role in preventing the onset of seasickness during your trip. Greasy and spicy foods can aggravate your stomach even when you're stood on motionless dry land, so it's always best to avoid these before heading out onto moving water. Alcohol and smoking are also a bad idea, as both substances have the ability to react with your brain and enhance symptoms of seasickness.

But don't think that heading out on an empty stomach is the way to battle seasickness either. No food at all can sometimes provoke a more severe reaction than spicy foods. The best solution is to tuck into some bland foods an hour before you set off. Eat some dry bread, saltines, crackers and pretzels. It won't be the most exciting meal you've ever had in your lifetime, but these light foods line the stomach in just the right way to help avoid seasickness.

Take aboard some ginger and peppermint for the journey, as sucking on these substances has also proven to help quell the onset of nausea.

O – Observation

Seasickness is caused by contrasting information that muddles the sensory systems. On a boat or cruise ship, the eyes may tell the brain that there is little movement going on except on the periphery, whereas the vestibular (inner ear and brain) and the somatosensory systems register significant movement going on that's intensely impacting the body. This multitude of confusing information instigates the onset of nausea, and one of the best ways to quell the onset of seasickness is by aligning your sensory systems together.  

To do this, stare out and observe the horizon for a long period of time. This will allow your eyes to focus on something stable, whilst your peripheral vision will take account of the flowing water that the vestibular and somatosensory took account of a long time ago. This will balance your body's sensory systems, and any seasickness will subsequently subside.

Also, never read books or use your laptop if you are prone to motion sickness, as this can accentuate symptoms of nausea. 

A – Acupressure Wristband

Some people swear by acupressure wristbands (sometimes referred to as "sea bands") whereas others have found them to be less helpful. Either way, they are widely available all over the web and are always worth a try.

Acupressure wristbands use the principle of acupressure and apply pressure to certain points in the wrist known as the p6 points. These bands squeeze down on these points to stimulate blood flow, relax the body, and relieve any sensations of nausea. Some argue that these bands merely work as a placebo, but if they stop you from getting sick whilst you're out on the water, they're worth every penny regardless.

T – Talk Yourself Out of It

That's right, scientific evidence out there suggests that motion sickness actually can actually be prevented by convincing the mind that everything is fine. If you say something enough times—no matter how ridiculous the statement may sound—you'll begin to consider it fact.  As such, frequently reciting inspirational and affirmative speeches about how you "don't suffer from seasickness anymore" or how "seasickness doesn't really affect me" can really help you to overcome the condition.

Repeat these verbal statements about motion sickness over and over and over again to the point where they sound as pointless as telling yourself that you have five fingers on each hand. Talk to yourself and trick your brain in order to have a pleasant boat journey. 

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