Common Problems to Paintball Firing Every Newbie Should Know

If you have never been to a paintball shooting game, then you need to experience the fun that is involved, save for the pain when hit by the ammunition. However, at one point or another, you will encounter a situation where your paintball fails to fire. In such instances, you may lose points or even be taken out of the game. The two are disappointing outcomes in a paintball shootout game. To avoid your paintball gun jamming on you, thereby leaving you vulnerable to your opponents' attacks, you need to be aware of common problems that may jeopardize your paintball gun's shooting ability. This article highlights such issues so that you are better equipped to anticipate.

Paint Balls Rolling from Barrel -- If your paint balls roll down the barrel of your paintball gun, you cannot shoot at your target whenever you want. What this means is that either your paint balls are too small or your gun's ball detent may be worn out and needs replacing. In such case, you should first check ascertain whether the diameter of your barrel matches the paint balls specified. If the paint balls are the right size, then you need to replace the ball detent.

Failure to Re-cock -- Failure to re-cock means that you will not be able to fire more than one shot. Re-cock failure can be caused by different factors such as an empty tank. For example, if the tank is empty, then you need replace it with a full one. However, if it is full, then the problem goes beyond that. Tiny debris from previously broken paint balls may be stuck between the hammer and bolt; hence, preventing correct sliding of the cocking mechanism. Before you start playing, make sure you clean your gun's chamber thoroughly. In case re-cock failure is caused by inadequate pressure on the hammer, you should increase its tension. If this does not work, you should consider replacing the hammer spring altogether.

Frozen CO2 Tank -- If you have not used a paintball gun before, you should understand that middle range paintball guns are powered by CO2. As such, the state of carbon dioxide in the tank dictates the consistency of your shots. For example, if you rapid shoot your paintball, the CO2 tank will freeze up. This will affect the velocity of your shots, thereby making them inconsistent. Therefore, in case you are using CO2 powered paintball guns, you should slow down your shooting for better accuracy.