How To Catch Elusive Reef Fish With A ‘Knocker Rig’

There's nothing better than spending a fine summer's day out fishing with your mates. If you don't have your own tub, you can still enjoy the pleasures of sea angling by hiring a fishing boat. You don't have to venture out into deep water in search of monsters to have fun. Catching smaller species of bottom dwelling fish is still challenging and just as much fun. Here's how to use a knocker rig to target those elusive bottom fish. Read More 

Common Tips to Follow When Owning and Maintaining a Synthetic Tennis Court

Synthetic courts not only look great, but also serve their purpose for many years if correctly planned, installed and maintained. When owning or maintaining a synthetic tennis court, a common misconception is that the lawn will produce the same results as real grass and hence will not require special attention and care. Below are tips on things to avoid to ensure that your lawn is in mint condition for a long time. Read More 

Simple Guidelines for Asphalt Tennis Court Resurfacing

Asphalt is a popular material in the construction of tennis courts because it is resilient and long-lasting. In addition, the surface does not require extensive maintenance so the long-term costs are minimal. However, the court is not indestructible; therefore the material will deteriorate over time. The damage can manifest in the form of surface cracks, faded and worn colour and low areas which form bird baths. It is important for you to repair the court before complete destruction. Read More 

4 Easy Ways to Stop the Onset of Motion Sickness

Labelling motion sickness or seasickness as a nuisance doesn't quite do the condition justice. Anyone who tends to experience this nauseating reaction will be aware that seasickness really does have the potential to ruin your entire boat trip, and can also put you off wanting to head out on the water ever again. Many people assume that motion sickness is simply one of those things that you can't get rid of, but in fact there are several steps you can take to help ease your stomach and allow you to have a fun time on the water. Read More 

3 Factors to Remember When Choosing an Air Gun

An air rifle can be used for fun and recreation, if you like target shooting but don't like the danger of real bullets. They're also commonly used for pest control around farms and large yards, as the pellets can kill or scare away rodents and small animals. While air guns may not be as dangerous as real guns, you still need to consider the best choice for your own home. They come in a wide range of styles and powers, and not all of them will suit your needs. Read More