How To Catch Elusive Reef Fish With A ‘Knocker Rig’

There's nothing better than spending a fine summer's day out fishing with your mates. If you don't have your own tub, you can still enjoy the pleasures of sea angling by hiring a fishing boat. You don't have to venture out into deep water in search of monsters to have fun. Catching smaller species of bottom dwelling fish is still challenging and just as much fun. Here's how to use a knocker rig to target those elusive bottom fish. Read More 

Common Tips to Follow When Owning and Maintaining a Synthetic Tennis Court

Synthetic courts not only look great, but also serve their purpose for many years if correctly planned, installed and maintained. When owning or maintaining a synthetic tennis court, a common misconception is that the lawn will produce the same results as real grass and hence will not require special attention and care. Below are tips on things to avoid to ensure that your lawn is in mint condition for a long time. Read More