3 Factors to Remember When Choosing an Air Gun

An air rifle can be used for fun and recreation, if you like target shooting but don't like the danger of real bullets. They're also commonly used for pest control around farms and large yards, as the pellets can kill or scare away rodents and small animals.

While air guns may not be as dangerous as real guns, you still need to consider the best choice for your own home. They come in a wide range of styles and powers, and not all of them will suit your needs. Note a few facts to remember when you're in the market for an air gun or air rifle.

1. Choosing power

It's easy to think that you want the most powerful air gun or air rifle available, but remember that the more power offered by a gun, the more expensive it will be. If you're choosing a gun just for target practice or to have fun in the backyard, you may need one with far less power. If you're shooting at pests and rodents, you'll need one that can easily deliver a pellet while you stand at a safe distance.

Less powerful guns will have a softer recoil so there is less chance of getting injured by the blowback; this is good for children who may be using the gun. More powerful guns area also typically louder, so you need to consider if your neighbors will hear you shooting in the backyard. Opt for a gun that offers just the amount of power you need but don't assume that you need the most powerful air gun on the market.

2. Trigger quality

The weight that needs to be applied to the trigger before the gun fires also needs to be considered. For children, you will want a trigger with a small pull. However, to keep children protected from using your gun, choose one with a very strong trigger pull as these will require more weight and effort before they actually fire.

3. Fit

If you're buying an air gun to practice shooting a real gun, you'll want something with the same fit and weight as your real gun. This will ensure you get accustomed to the feeling of the real gun in your hands. The shape of the stock and curve of the trigger may not seem important, but it's vital that you get accustomed to every part of your gun when using an air gun for training and practice.