How To Catch Elusive Reef Fish With A ‘Knocker Rig’

There's nothing better than spending a fine summer's day out fishing with your mates. If you don't have your own tub, you can still enjoy the pleasures of sea angling by hiring a fishing boat. You don't have to venture out into deep water in search of monsters to have fun. Catching smaller species of bottom dwelling fish is still challenging and just as much fun.

Here's how to use a knocker rig to target those elusive bottom fish.

What You Will Need

  • a strong, circle hook
  • a few metres of abrasive-resistant leader material
  • an egg sinker

How to Do It

Many of the bottom dwelling species of fish that you will be after stay concealed in cover, using structures as protection from predators and to provide them with a suitable stalking ground for hunting. To draw the fish out into the open you must present suitable bait close enough to attract them.

The simple knocker rig is perfect for this task. You can expect to catch snappers, groupers, and even yellow jacks and an occasional tarpon using this rig.

  1. Tie the leader to the main line and run the leader through the hole in the egg sinker so that the line can move freely through it. This stops the line from tangling and allows you to either caste the knocker rig or drop if straight down, depending on the structure that you're fishing around.  
  2. Choose a hook that matches the size of the bait that you are using and the size of the target fish. Tie on the hook using a uni or snell knot.  
  3. Next, trim away the tag end of the leader. The weight should now move smoothly on the leader and should catch on the knot at the eye of the hook.  
  4. All you have to do now is to drop down some bait, haul in your catch and impress your mates!

The knocker rig is a really simple rigging technique that allows you to draw bottom feeding fish out of their hiding places around reefs and structures without the risk of your line tangling.

The knocker rig means that you don't need to sail miles out to sea to have fun fishing. You can concentrate your efforts closer to shore around structures where the fish are more plentiful, saving you time and helping you to get maximum value and pleasure from your fishing boat hire.