Why You Should Buy an Electronic Sway Control Device for Your Trailer

Camper trailer owners often grapple with situations in which their trailers nearly sway out of control due to several factors, such as crosswinds on highways. Such risky situations can be reduced by installing an electronic device to limit how much that camper trailer can sway as you tow it. This article discusses some of the key benefits of electronic anti-sway devices.

Hassle-Free Towing

Electronic anti-sway devices rely on GPS sensors to detect a difference in the speed and alignment of a trailer in relation to the tow vehicle. The device then applies the brakes of the trailer in order to reduce the likelihood that the camper trailer will sway out of control. This automatic function relieves the driver of the tow vehicle from the task of controlling the trailer's brakes manually in addition to controlling the tow vehicle. The electronic anti-sway device therefore makes it possible for you to enjoy towing your trailer to different campsites because you will have less to do during the drive.

Extended Component Life

Some drivers panic and engage the trailer brakes at the maximum level during a sway event. Such an act can cause the brakes to lock. This can shorten the service life of various camper trailer components, such as the wheels and the brakes, because of the stresses of that hard braking. Electronic anti-sway devices extend component life because the brakes may never lock since commensurate braking power is always applied in each sway situation.

Reduced Chance of Accidents

Electronic anti-sway devices take action promptly to correct the movement of a trailer when a sway event is detected. This automated system therefore has the ability to avert most accidents when compared to driving without the automated system. The driver without an automated system usually stands a higher chance of being involved in an accident because he or she may detect the sway of the trailer when it has escalated to a situation that requires drastic action, such as hard braking, to control. Such last-minute responses can cause the driver to lose his or her control of the tow vehicle as more attention goes to correcting the movement of the trailer. As you can see, electronic anti-sway devices take away the worries that sway events cause to camper trailer owners as they travel. It is therefore prudent for you to visit several suppliers of these electronic devices so that you select the one whose features and mode of operation appeals to you.

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